Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Teething troubles

Plan. Fit bike computer to hopelessly set up bike and go for spin. Set benchmarks. Time over distance.
Actual. Find bike computer does not fit bike as super duper carbon forks are so narrow that the wireless transmitter wont allow the wheel to rotate if attached. Not able to take bike out as spend time allocated walking around bonsai mountain looking for naughty pony who is found back at the start behind the almost barn. Still raised pulse a bit during circuit.
He who cannot be named is sending tailor made workout schedule to suit fat knacker with a dodgy left arm held together by space age mechanno. Spend far to long in car today passing several cyclists who look the part. Feel pang of guilt or jealousy as I drive past them. Will definitely have bike out tomorrow for at least 10 miles. That's the plan.

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