Wednesday, 11 July 2012

He knows me so well...

Got a message from my personal trainer today, well I say personal trainer, I really mean he who cannot be named who being Army knows a thing or two about getting fat lardy's into shape. As this is going to be my biggest challenge to date, the three peaks, 500 miles bike and all in 72 hours I have decided to approach this with some degree of planning. This includes a proper training programme. I will detail the actual training programme for the first three weeks later but it concentrates on three areas, core, strength and stamina. I think its worth quoting the message I got today, it shows a degree of insight into what he is up against, excuse the bad language, he is an officer after all.

Quote after detailing the three week programme. "Only do this three times a week. For three consecutive weeks. Do not increase weights. Do not increase anything. Do not think you are f*****g superman and add your own bits or I cant accurately build up your programme can I! I know what you are like. You are  nob and you always get too keen too quickly, 3 weeks disciplined exercise sticking to the programme and we will build up from there. Deal?"

He knows me so well :)

Actually managed to get half hour on hopelessly set up R200 bike today, noticing each rotation of pedal that knees are too far over pedals, legs never fully extend, heels turn out or in. 8 miles steady pace. Ride was delayed by work, chores, feeding child and looking for cycling shoes which were under dog in basket. Obviously.

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