Monday, 9 July 2012

I blame the government....

Friday 6 July 2012

I can't blame the government, but I can blame a magazine purchase, issue 6 of Outdoor Fitness, there was a fresh challenge, the 3 peaks, Snowdon, Scafell and Ben Nevis. Back in the day I would have jogged up all three, now a fat knacker approaching his 49th then its a test, especially as I am going to do it the hard way, like the magazine described,  by cycling between the three peaks. And in 72 hours. Challenge accepted.

Saturday 7 July 2012

Declare that I am going to do this challenge, first to beautiful and oh so patient wife, who takes this statement of intent in her stride. Then text son who is on the 3 peaks challenge this day. He texts back that he will do leJogle with me as well. Hmmmmm....
Text most numbers in phone draws a variety of responses one from Paul simply says, 15mph is 32 hours, 8 hours per peak at lard arse pace, thought this was supposed to be a challenge. Cheers

Sunday 8 July 2012

Preparation begins in earnest for challenge, well I clean my bike and fit new inner tube after blowing it up see for details. Check Outdoor Fitness magazine for how to set my bike up for optimum performance. Find out of the four settings for pedals, seat height, saddle position and bars all four are wrong, about the only thing I have right is that I sit astride the bike. Get an encouraging text from Sara who is a mountain bike maniac, apparently if I set a target of 50 miles a day training I might, just might be able to complete the challenge set for June/July 2013. My flippant response that I will have spare time to take photos and peruse gift shops goes unanswered. Clean bike, think about creating a training programme but eat cake instead.

Monday 9 July 2012

Training regime gets off to a false start as I pull a muscle in chest, as this is done waking up (yes seriously I pulled a muscle in bed while emerging from sleep) it does not bode well for Olympian style training session planned. Long drive to visit one of the further reaches of the Red Kite Empire means no chance to get on clean, fixed, but hopelessly set up bike. Well aware at end of days driving that I will have to cycle that far, and further after climbing one of the biggest peaks in the UK. But hey, no one said it would be easy. Tell Pete of plan, he's keen to join as long as he doesn't have to cycle anywhere. Agreed. He will walk with me up big mountains. Game on. Ribs hurt from bed based accident. No training. Start blog. Its a start. I find if you tell someone you are going to do it, you will.

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