Sunday, 15 July 2012

I cant stand up for falling down

 The plan to ease myself into training hasn't really worked this week so I am in two minds about it, one is delay starting but that's for wimps, the other is the in at the deep end approach so, provided I get time to clear out the workshop tomorrow and uncover the weights bench and then carry the rowing machine in which at present is dumped unceremoniously on top of bags of straw under the eaves of the stable into the newly created floor space, then I shall start the core training plan that he who cannot be named has sent me.
Meanwhile, due to more pressing matters like family life and smallholding I only had time to take a "quick" trip anticlockwise around the bonsai mountain. I probably spent more time getting ready than actually doing but I was pleased with the end result which was a full circuit in 23 mins a personal best. This despite falling over 3 times, due to the incredible rainfall turning the slopes into mud slides, the third time giving me a very warry cut on my left knee. The sore one. Its still sore.

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