Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sprint finish

Put R200 back together after catastrophic blow out of Friday, whole valve had ripped from tube so no wonder it deflated. Fitted new slime tube and put 85psi in. Tube cost a fortune from local bike shed, £9 when I got the last one £4.50 including delivery from ebay. Bike still not set up properly, the saddle is so low a dwarf would find it difficult to straighten his legs on the down stroke. This is the cause of my sore left knee.


End of drive to office door 4 miles, 13 mins 40 seconds. 138 av bpm 158 highest.

Return trip 17 mins 20 seconds 128 av bpm and 144 highest.

Note. Sat at computer av heart rate 48 bpm. May have been early onset hypothermia due to freezing cold from torrential rain of inbound journey. That or my heart is mega lazy.

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